Radničné námestie Bardejov, Zdroj OOCR Šariš - Bardejov

Bardejov, Hervartov and Bardejovské kúpele (english)


One of the most charming cities in Slovakia with a special historical atmosphere is Bardejov. It has been fairly included in the UNESCO´s World Heritage list in the year 2000. Bardejov is named as the most gothic city in Slovakia.

The charming square with magical and colorful bourgeois houses fascinates every visitor. On a relatively small area a large number of valuable and remarkable monuments are built. Visit the Šariš museum where you can see the rare ring of the empress Sissi. This museum will be open especially on the 18th of May during midnight.

Tip for a restaurant in Bardejov:

Reštaurácia Cactus, Štefánikova 61, Bardejov 

Reštaurácia M, J. Grešáka 4005/1A, Bardejov

Daniel Restaurant, Komenského 57, Bardejov 

Bardejov - panoráma: Zdroj: OOCR Šariš Bardejov


The Roman Catholic church of St. Francis of Assisi was built out of red spruce in the 15th century. This beautiful church is located in the center of village Hervartov.

Since 2008 it is included in the UNESCO´s World Heritage list and recognized as the oldest and well-preserved wooden churches in Slovakia.


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1.a Hervartov - interier,  Foto: Jano Štovka, Zdroj KOCR Severovýchod Slovenska

Spa Bardejovské kúpele

Spa Bardejovské kúpele are one of the most known healing spa´s located in the beautiful forests full of clear and fresh air. The area is highly maintained and naturally connects with nature. According to the latest research it has been proved that this location contains the cleanest air in Slovakia.

In the 19th century this healing spa hosted many prominent guests from the history including Empress Sissi and Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria to whom the Sissi museum apartment is dedicated. Spa Bardejovské kúpele offer a complex of hospitality service including spa, wellness, accommodation  and gastronomy.


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 Foto: Spa Bardejovské kúpele
Foto: Spa Bardejovské kúpel...








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