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Kežmarok (english)

Graceful royal town, where its medieval charm, royal privileges and strategic location create an unmistakable historic atmosphere. Kežmarok commemorates the 750th anniversary of the first written mention. There are diverse events awaiting tourists in 2019.

Kežmarok Castle 

It belongs to the so-called city ​​castles. It was built right in the city center and it is currently open to the public as a museum with historical expositions. For example exhibition of historic vehicles - there are unique cars and motorbikes that are the only ones in Europe. The castle entered the history of Tatras tourism as a starting point for the first known tourist trip to the High Tatras.

Po - Ne 9:00 – 18:00 


Hrad Kezmarok - FOTO Ing. Drahomír Thomay


Evangelical Wooden Articular Church (UNESCO)

A unique wooden structure made of yew and red spruce, which was built without the use of a single metal nail. Protestants from across Europe have contributed to the church's construction, and Swedish seamen have also worked on the building, making the top of the interior reminiscent of an inverted ship. The ceiling painting depicts the twelve apostles and the four evangelists.


Kežmarok. Drevený evanjelický artikulárny kostol - interiér. Foto: Jano Štovka, KOCR SVS


Lyceum Library 

The largest school historical library in Central Europe. There are 150,000 volumes of books, including 55 earliest prints, 1,520 newspaper titles, 600 art prints, 600 music titles, and a rare collection of maps and manuscripts. The most valuable exhibits include the originals of Martin Luther, Philip Melanchton, Erasmus of Rotterdam, the manuscript of the Cologne chronicle of 1437, and others. Many well-known Slovak personalities spent their time in this library.



Kežmarok. Lýceum. Foto: Jano Štovka, KOCR SVS




Reštaurácia Poézia, Hlavné námestie 95/49, 060 01 Kežmarok 

Bistro Dobrý Deň, Hlavné námestie 22/56, 060 01 Kežmarok

Reštaurácia u Jakuba, Starý trh 39, 060 01 Kežmarok 

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