Hlavná púť na Horu Zvir

Litmanová - Zvir Mountain (nature, hiking and sports, monuments)

In modern history, Litmanová is known mainly in connection with the apparitions of the Virgin Mary on Zvir Mountain. The place is a popular destination with pilgrims and all those who seek peace of mind in the heart of nature.

Hlavná púť na hore Zvir, Litmanová_OOCR SSP

Between 5 August 1990 to 8 August 1995, the Virgin Mary appeared on Zvir Mountain, approximately 3.5 km from the village of Litmanová, to 11-year-old Iveta Korčáková and 13-year-old Katarína Česelková several times. This place is located on a meadow surrounded by forest. The Virgin Mary sat on a wooden bench. The image introduced itself as VIRGIN PURITY. She wanted both the girls and the people to come to this place to pray. The apparitions took place from August 5, 1990 to August 6, 1995 every Sunday after the first Friday of the month. At the last apparition, the Mother of God promised that she would still be there for those who decide to seek her out.  

Hora Zvir areál - ZDROJ -OOCR Severný Spiš Pieniny

Place of Prayer - The Chapel of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary with all its grounds and spring on Zvir Mountain in Litmanová was proclaimed the pilgrimage site of the Greek Catholic Church of the Prešov Archdiocese on September 7, 2008 by Ján Babjak, the Archbishop of Prešov (Metropolitan archeparchy). 


Unique natural beauty 
Through Zvir Mountain and its breathtaking spots leads a unique hiking trail. 

Spring of St. John the Baptist

Water is an element given great power by the Creator himself - the power of life but also of death. Without water, the Earth would be just a dry desert, a land of hunger and thirst, where people and animals would face certain death. Water is invigorating - life is not possible without it, yet other times it is terrifying. However, it always purifies. Water has penetrated deeply into our everyday lives and is omnipresent in the history of human salvation. It is not only a symbol of physical purity (as we wash ourselves with it), but also of moral purity, too. The spring of water is a symbolic of a rebirth – I can drown my old life, my sins but also my sickness and weakness in water. Anyone who uses water in faith can experience the miracle of God's healing touch. May the water from the fountain of St. John the Baptist be a source of rebirth and renewal in the Holy Spirit.

Prameň sv. Jána Krstiteľa Litmanová, Zvir_OOCR SSP


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