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City center

The main monuments of Prešov are concentrated in the historical center of the Main Street (Hlavná ulica). The dominant monument of the city is the Roman Catholic church of St. Nicholas from the mid-14th century with a tower that offers beautiful views. Next to the church you can find the famous Neptune Fountain opposite which the cities Town Hall is located.

The dominant features of the city is the statue of a horse made out of eight hundred horseshoes (symbol of Prešov habitants), 49 ° parallel and many other features. The city center contains many historical buildings and monuments, including the Rakoci Palace and several other sacral monuments.

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Andy Warhol Exhibition 

Exhibition of Andy Warhol, the founder of pop-art. The exhibition is originally hosted in the Museum of Modern Art of A. Warhol in Medzilaborce. During the World Hockey Championship 2019 this exhibition will relocated to the Šariš Gallery in the city center of Prešov.


7 medzilaborce


NKP Solivar

Unique museum complex with technical objects which were used for salt mining in the city Prešov. This technical museum presents and shows to visitors how salt was mined in the past. NKP Solivar is a national cultural monument that doesn´t have any competitor among the technical museum far way.

Opening hours

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Rákoci Palace 

One of the most beautiful palaces preserved from the Renaissance period. The Rákoci Palace hosts the Regional Museum with rich expositions, including exhibitions of the largest collection of firefighting equipment in Slovakia. The exhibition contains almost 40 exhibits with the oldest one dating from the 18th century. Rákoci Palace is located in the historic center of Prešov (Hlavná ulica).


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prešov rakociho palac


Prešov Calvary

Calvary above the city Prešov is an impressive baroque complex with valuable architecture and beautiful views. In the past it was considered as the second most beautiful Calvary of the Kingdom of Hungary. This complex also hides underground catacombs.



Kalvária v Prešove - osvetlená nocou. Jano Štovka


Orthodox Synagogue in Prešov

Prešov Jewish Museum was founded in 1928 and is one of the first Jewish synagogues in Slovakia. The synagogue is located in the wider historical center of Prešov and still functions as a prayer room. In addition, it is also a museum – where permanent exhibitions of the Jewish culture are performed.


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Synagóga v Prešove, Foto: Jano Štovka (MQEP)


Practical information:



Reštaurácia Zwicker, Bardejovská 48, Prešov 

Steak House, Na Tablách 1, Prešov

Reštaurácia Double Tiffany, Hlavná 95, Prešov

Plaza Beach, Kutuzovova 4, Prešov 

Reštaurácia Kolégium, Hlavná 100, Prešov 

Reštaurácia Góvinda (vegetariánske jedlo), Hlavná 70, Prešov


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